Welcome to the EWB Toronto Chapter wiki site!

What is the purpose of the wiki site...
This Wiki site allows for the easy creation of web pages and is intended to be the EWB Toronto Chapter's knowledge repository. It allows EWB Toronto Chapter members to create pages that may be read by any EWB Toronto Chapter member. This has a number of benefits including improving the communication and collaboration across the organization. The improvement in communication and collaboration serves to reduce the impact of information silos.

Does it comply with security standards...
The use of the wiki also complies with quality standards. The creation, modification and deletion of pages are tracked with the date and time as well as the user that changed the page being recorded. The wiki will show what content was added or deleted between any two versions and one may even revert to a previous version.

Who can use the EWB Toronto Chapter wiki...
The use of the EWB Toronto Chapter wiki is open to all. We do ask that users take care in ensuring that their pages are accurate and concise. Also, we would like to encourage users to add to the content of existing pages.

What type of information should be posted to the EWB Toronto Chapter wiki...
The EWB Toronto Chapter wiki is intended to be a knowledge base and would therefore contain information relating to the business, its processes, applications, and standards.

What can I find on the EWB Toronto Chapter wiki...
The EWB Toronto Chapter wiki already contains information to support the Information Technology Service Management processes release such as:

  • Governance, strategy and processes
  • Advocacy

We hope you enjoy the site.

Latest activityEdit

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